St. Patty’s festivities

Hey hey happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is Monday, and yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day was on Saturday, but I haven’t gotten a chance to post these festive souls until now! I was downtown walking around State Street on Saturday night, and the street was filled with big green leprechauns stumbling about. I’ve never seen the bars filled with so much green! Almost every person I saw was wearing at least a hint of green, many had gone all out with their ensembles to celebrate. The smell of beer stayed with me as I walked all down the street which was…not too great. But it’s okay because it was probably green beer, right? Not very appetizing…St. Patrick’s Day is just everyone’s excuse to wear funky clothes and drink beer until you pass out. Perhaps it will be my cup of tee when I am of age to actually drink beer, but for now, not so much.

But anyways it was great people watching, the many people holding brown bottles, galloping around and yelling to everyone that passed. It really was entertaining.

On the other hand, I didn’t even wear green on St. Patrick’s Day! There was one guy that stumbled passed me and made it quite clear that I should be wearing green. I was all bundled up, and I must mention, I couldn’t believe the teeny dresses some of the girls were wearing on such a wintery night! I was freezing while wearing the warmest clothes I own. I do wish I had done something more festive.

Anywhooo, I encountered some pretty outrageous outfits and thought I’d share

xo Ivy

This fine young fellow is part of the SB County Pipe and Drum Core, which had been playing around at all the local pubs.

Looks like a case of FFF: Forced Family Fun…



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